开元棋牌 银河
Got It | Local Specialties of Chengdu

if foreigners leave Chengdu and return to their motherland one day, what do they want to bring back from Chengdu?

Got It | The Chinese Dialects

HIC will talk about how "little elder sister" is called in different local Chinese dialects.

Got It | IG Is Crowned Floods the Screen

IG win the game

Got It | Let's Reading the Marketing Copy

The end of October has started to usher in the Double 11 Shopping Festival. Therefore, it is time to solve math problems as well as store up tissue and f...

Got It | The life of contemporary people

Today, we will not talk about the story of "0.01% of Koi and 99.99% of Channel Cat Fish". Neither will we join the hot talk of the officially and ...

Got It | You Know Chinese Koi?

It has become a kind of common phenomenon to repost Koi-related contents for good luck.

Got It | Come On, Skilled Game Players

People can find jargons like "Chicken", "Chicken Dinner" or "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" on social media. But what does that...

Got It | It's in September, another back-to-school season.

It's in September, another back-to-school season. At the commencement of the semester, you will always discover that the students in a class can fall...

Have U Studied Online Today?

Online education today is facing many challenges such as prolonged course duration, faculty with poor stability, and bad user experience.